The University of Faisalabad is a nonprofit organization that provides quality education to students. Those students who want to pursue their higher education but are not able to afford it. The University of Faisalabad designed a scholarship policy for them. The purpose of this policy is to guide students on how they can avail this opportunity. This policy also reveals different kinds of policies that universities offer and elaborate the criteria as well. There are some scholarships that students get at the time of admission


  • Quaid –e-Azam
  • Huma Alumni Scholarship
  • Kinship scholarship
  • Jahangir Scholarship
  • Sir Syed School
  • Afra Karim Scholarship
  • Domestic Scholarship
  • Noori scholarship
  • Merit scholarship
  • International Scholarship

Rules governing scholarships

  • Scholarships will be paid to supplement tuition fees only. If a student is eligible for two or more scholarships, the one with the highest amount will be awarded, and the rest will be withdrawn. Every scholarship holder must finish his/her enrolled program in the prescribed minimum duration of the program.
  • Fatima, Zainab & Rafiq scholarships will be awarded to as many as 10% of the size of the class.
  • Award of the scholarship will be withdrawn.
  • Attendance falls below 75%.
  • The GPA/CGPA falls below the prescribed limit as mentioned in each clause.
  • The students get F grades in any subject.
  • If students is involved in any disciplinary case.

Maternity Leave Policy


Maternity leave policy is provisions for women employees who are expecting a child and/or require time to care and bond with their newborn. The University offers at benefits mandated by law and this policy is merely complementary to the existing legal guidelines.


This policy applies to all eligible female employees of the University.

Policy elements:

Maternity Leave is a temporary absence from an employee’s position and applies to expectant or new mothers who require time off for pregnancy, childbirth and child care.

All female employees are entitled to maternity leave after a certain time of service specified by the law. In general, eligibility of an employee will be assessed according to legislative guidelines. It falls to the University’s discretion to grant paid maternity leave or unpaid maternity leave for an employee deemed legally ineligible.


Employees should give notice, no later than the 15th week before the baby is expected. If for any reason they wish to change the start date of the leave period, they should give 28 days' notice of the change, unless this is not reasonably practicable.

How much time do employees get for maternity leave?

  • Maternity leave may be availed by a female employee with no balance in leave account with pay, to the extent of ninety days from the date of its commencement or forty five days from the date of her confinement whichever is earlier.
  • A female employee can avail maternity leave in continuation of or in combination with any other leave except casual leave as may be due or admissible.
  • Maternity leave with pay can be availed by a female employee only twice in her whole service in the University.
  • Employees who apply for paternity leave and meet the University criteria will receive up to two weeks leave at full pay.

Confirmation of leave:

On receipt of the paternity application form, the Human Resources Department will write to the member of staff confirming that leave has been granted.