Scholarship policy

The University of Faisalabad is a nonprofit organization that provides quality education to students. Those students who want to pursue their higher education but are not able to afford it. The University of Faisalabad designed a scholarship policy for them. The purpose of this policy is to guide students on how they can avail this opportunity. This policy also reveals different kinds of policies that universities offer and elaborate the criteria as well. There are some scholarships that students get at the time of admission

  • Quaid –e-Azam
  • Huma Alumni Scholarship
  • .Kinship scholarship
  • Jahangir Scholarship
  • Sir Syed School
  • Afra Karim Scholarship
  • Domestic Scholarship
  • Noori scholarship
  • Merit scholarship
  • International Scholarship

Food Bank Usage:

The University of Faisalabad integrates and facilitates students and employees with free food facilities. The mess will operate under high standards of food and hygiene. A student committee of residents of that hostel shall monitor and provide continuous feedback on the functioning of the mess. The mess shall offer a rich menu of food items catering to the needs of all students. It shall have enough flexibility if a student desires to have something off-menu using coupons and a cashless entries system.

All security staff, office boys and janitorial staff will be provided with free accommodation in university hostels with complimentary food of three times. All staff members up to class –IV will be provided free lunch from the Food Bank. Thus, this policy is implemented for all the employees and students.

 Waste management policy

 The University of Faisalabad plays a significant role in reducing environmental effects through waste management policy and diverting waste from landfills. To meet legal obligations and recycling aspirations, the university requires all staff, students, contractors and visitors to comply with this policy and associated procedures on waste management.

The objectives behind this policy are as under:

  • Remain compliant with all relevant waste legislation.
  • Aim to reduce the amount of waste generated and the associated environmental impact by applying the principles of the waste management hierarchy.
  • Provide facilities to ensure the safe handling, effective segregation, and secure storage of waste in entire university and hostels to maximise reuse and recycling opportunities.
  • Set specific objectives and targets to minimise waste, improve recycling rates, and reduce disposal to landfills.
  • Complete regular waste audits to drive continual improvement.
  • Provide appropriate training and induction for staff, students and visitors around waste practice and site-specific requirements.