With an increase in the global population, the demand for cheap energy resources is essential. However, the consumption of fossil fuels brings drastic changes to our climate. Ensuring clean energy for all involves investing in solar, wind, and thermal power to improve energy productivity, expand infrastructure, and upgrade technology to encourage growth and help the environment. The University of Faisalabad facilitates students with green energy and has implanted a 1.18M on-grid solar plant to remove carbon emissions from the environment. TUF is switching to green energy resources to maintain sustainability to tackle the lack of energy resources. In addition, the university is developing a blockchain platform for the energy market to enable the trading of electricity between energy producers and vulnerable households. The university takes these initiatives to ensure universal access to affordable, reliable and modern energy services. The university of Faisalabad also work on different projects that promote access to research and technology to clean energy. TUF have collaborated with many organizations and departments to facilitate clean and renewable energy by investing in energy infrastructure. By the end of 2030, university have targeted expanding infrastructure to supply modern sustainable energy resources to facilitate organizations with secured energy, which is affordable and saves the environment by restoring air pollution.