The commitment of TUF to the fundamental principles of human dignity and equality for opportunities involving students and employees is solely based on an individual's merit, free from unfair discrimination; that's why our university follows a very neutral, non-discriminatory admission policy. In compliance with the law of equality, TUF does not discriminate based on background status, disability, race, national or ethnic origin in administering any administered programs, scholarship or loan programs in educational programs, or employment. The university committed to supporting and building an inclusive community by following an anti-discrimination and anti-harassment approach. The university of Faisalabad strive to maintain a work environment where all are treated with dignity, decency and respect. The absence of intimidation, exploitation and oppression is our central focus, and that is why we enforce the policy of not tolerating harassment of any sort. The University of Faisalabad critically seeks to conduct following each aspect required to protect human rights and welfare. Taking an international perspective, university spread awareness about equality rights critiqued in campaigns, discussing ideas around human rights, ethical imperatives and welfare rights in practice, poverty alleviation and outlining possible future directions. University are reframing the understanding of equal rights for all to be the articulation of human needs by mentoring and counselling thousands to streamline wave of prosperity in a balanced way, regardless of economic status, race, or religious .beliefs The University of Faisalabad ensures accessibility for disabled persons in every perspective by treating them even better than non-disabled ones.