The University of Faisalabad addresses global warming, increasing the “climate literacy” among students and the community to encourage modifications in their behavior and attitudes, helping them adapt trends for the reformation of the environment. The University of Faisalabad is committed to foster awareness of climate and climate action plans, launching the campaign of sustainable development goals to overcome the challenges of global warming as concerns for climate change is a critical thematic focus. Furthermore, university strive to take fruitful steps to preserve the environment, emphasizing essential issues related to pollution through webinars, seminars, practical approaches, and implementation collaborating with different departments to facilitate initiatives to promote sustainability in the environment. The University of Faisalabad initiated a tree plantation drive under the clean Green Pakistan campaign. University spread awareness about everyone’s responsibility to maintain a conducive environment for future generations, ensuring a healthy environment for coming generations. TUF take many initiatives to reduce our carbon footprint to conserve the environment. For example, in collaboration with Madinah Solar Power Project, the University of Faisalabad installed a 1.18MW on-grid solar system to generate electricity, contributing to reducing carbon dioxide emission. University's engineers commercialized bicycles and electric vehicles. These zero-emission vehicles have rechargeable batteries connected to clean and green solar power, which is 100% environmentally friendly. University's aim is to fuel-free transportation leading to a paradigm shift toward eco-friendly energy resources. According to Times Higher Education, due to significant efforts, TUF ranked 4th among other universities of Pakistan and top 500 in the actively working on United Nations Sustainable Development Goals TUF has signed MOU with concerned organizations for this purpose, including the forestry department, for the plants to conserve the environment.