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In collaboration with ORIC, the Department of Dermatology TUF organized the first International Conference on Dermal Sciences at The University of Faisalabad on 20th November 2021. The conference theme was “Psychosocial Impact of Colorism”.

It was a hybrid conference participated by Dermatologists, Psychologists and Researchers from seven different countries, including Pakistan, USA, China, India, Nigeria, Indonesia and Malaysia. The experts presented their research work to highlight the Psychosocial Impact of Colorism. They said that prejudice based on skin colour or preference of people with lighter skin over darker ones is Colorism, which results in several psychological and social issues. They further added that people with the darker tone, being a victim of traumatic stress, initiate unethical treatments for the sake of fair skin tone.

Prof Dr Muhammad Arif Maan, Head Department of Dermatology, Faisalabad Medical University, Dr Muhammad Saleem Ghori, Prof Dr Aamir Ali Choudhary, Principal University Medical & Dental College, Prof Dr Tanzeela Khalid, Head Department of Dermatology and Dr Sohail Jabbar, Director ORIC were also present to encourage the young researchers. Students from various universities of participant countries also took part in E-Poster, Documentary, Photography, Essay writing, and Poetry competitions. The winners were awarded cash prizes and certificates.