The UN has repeatedly stressed sustainability and the restoration of the environment. To fulfill the goal of sustainability, TUF focuses on including precise approaches for policy development upon perspectives of participation, policy coherence, reflexivity, and adaptation. TUF emphasizes increased legitimacy, awareness, learning and the bundling of resources. To ensure constructive sustainability governance and exploit potential synergies, university is working on International collaborations for SDGs by coordinating at crucial levels With Global Shapers to facilitate research and scholars. With this objective, University conducts seminars and training sessions, intending to strive for vital reformation. The University of Faisalabad has been working on preserving the environment to recognize the harmful impact of climate change by implementing sustainability best practices. TUF, as innovative investors, facilitate the creation and implementation of exclusive educational experiences by collaborating with partners to develop engaging content and focusing on creating more projects which will foster inclusivity in awareness and education. The University of Faisalabad also work on promoting International best practices on tackling SDGs, for example, by installing solar panels to reduce the greenhouse effect, reducing plastic usage by advocating paper bags, taking measures for waste management by collaborating with ORIC, facilitating needy students with scholarships and accessible medical facilities, signing a contract with forestry department for green future, eliminating poverty by shelter home facility, providing free food for broke, and contributing for mass marriages. TUF has joined the forces aiming to address the global challenges, believing in action and accountability and raising awareness about SDGs. University focus on sparking a movement in communities through moderated discussions, activated talk series and innovation. The University of Faisalabad arranges student volunteering and research programs for SDG achievement well-structured, as we seek to synthesize theoretical and empirical findings with innovative research. TUF provide insights to integrate a holistic approach of effective sustainability governance, thereby contributing fruitfully.