The University of Faisalabad (TUF) hosts various events, and awareness seminars that are open to the public as follows:



Department of Nutrition & Dietetics The University of Faisalabad, conduct an every-year free camp to educate people to choose a balanced diet that will be beneficial to prevent them from chronic diseases.




University Department of Community Medicine host an event on “Malaria Awareness” to educate general community. This awareness session was part of the activities related to World Malaria Day 2021. Speaking on the occasion Dr. Sumera Riaz, Head of the Community Medicine Department, educated the audience about the dangerous and harmful effects of malaria. Through pictorial images participants of awareness session were informed about malaria symptoms & simple protective measures to avoid mosquito bite. They were encouraged to keep the surrounding environment of their houses clean and free from dirty stagnant water which provides ideal breeding site for mosquitoes. Awareness session was concluded by distributing mosquito repellents and coils.





Department of Community Medicine, UMDC in collaboration with Anjuman-e-Insdad Manshiat and Anti Narcotics Force Punjab hosted an awareness seminar on “Drug abuse prevention among youth” in Health Sciences wing of TUF. Main objective of the event was to educate students about the harmful effects of drug addiction on health as well as their personal and professional life. Guest speaker, Prof Dr Imtiaz Ahmad Dogar, Head of Psychiatry Department at DHQ Hospital Faisalabad, addressing the students warned them that this menace of drug addiction was destroying our youth. He highlighted the sad reality of the rising trend of drug addiction among college and university students. Drug addiction is increasing among the Pakistani female population as well, he further added. We need to engage our youth in healthy co-curricular and sports activities to prevent them from indulging in drug addiction. Speaking on the occasion, Prof Dr AG Rehan, Medical Director, Madinah Teaching Hospital, said that parents should build strong and friendly bonding with their siblings to help them in their stressful situations, which is one of the common reasons for drug use initiation. He further added that a safe academic institutions environment and strong family system together can help in uplifting this menace from our society. General Sectary of the Anjuman Insadad-e Manshiat, Mr Muhammad Anwaar and Medical Social Worker, Mr Amir Pervaiz also addressed the students and encouraged them to utilize their energies in social welfare and healthy activities rather than becoming a drug addicts




Due to escalating cases of dengue fever in Punjab and throughout Pakistan, Dengue Awareness Seminar was organized in The University of Faisalabad by Department of Community Medicine host a seminar to educate students regarding prevent measures against dengue. Dr Sumera Riaz, Assistant Professor Community Medicine highlighted the importance of preventive measures against dengue fever. She informed the students that by adopting simple preventive measures, we can help Government in decreasing the disease prevalence. Dr Uzma Sagheer informed participants about severity of dengue fever and its current situation in Pakistan. University students showed enthusiasm in playing their role as responsible citizen by adopting preventive measures.




Seminar Hosted by University on Efforts to Prevent and Reduce Tobacco use among youth was organized by the Department of Community Medicine and accessible to everyone. Webinar focus to create awareness among youth regarding Tobacco smoking which is considered as a risk factor for numerous infectious diseases and lung cancer. The poisons in tobacco smoke inflame the delicate lining of lungs. Years of smoking can damage lungs so much that they no longer can stretch and exchange air. To educate youths about harmful effects of tobacco on health, Department of Community Medicine, UMDC in collaboration with PINUM Cancer Hospital Faisalabad organized seminar on the occasion of World No Tobacco Day. Prof Dr Muhammad Khaleeq-ur-Rahman, Rector The University of Faisalabad appreciated the efforts of the community medicine department for this awareness seminar. He said that tobacco use is a global epidemic among young people. As with adults, it poses a serious health threat to youth and young adults in our country and has significant implications for this nation’s public and economic health in the future.  Speaking on the occasion, Dr Rana Qamar Javed, Medical Oncologist at PINUM Cance Hospital, highlighted that medical research proves that carcinogens present in tobacco causes more than 12 types of cancers. He further added that majority of the patients in PINUM Cancer hospital are diagnosed either at stage 3 or stage 4 where only palliative treatment is offered to them which only provides symptomatic relief. He further said that studies have shown that the risk of cancer is directly proportional to the number of cigarettes smoked per day and the duration of chronic smoking He emphasized that we need to clear the misconception of our youth who is indulging in the modern methods of smoking like E-Cigarettes and VAPES and consider them harmless. In fact chemicals present in these are more harmful than in original cigarettes.  Associate Prof Dr Sumera Riaz, Head of Community Medicine Department at University Medical & Dental College said that the epidemic of cigarette smoking is one of the largest public health threats and one of the leading causes of preventable deaths, globally as well as in Pakistan. Tobacco kills more than 8 million people every year. She further added that there are many forms of tobacco in the market, including cigars, electronic cigarettes, hookah (water pipe), and sheesha smoking. However, there is no safe form of tobacco, and all of them can cause severe health problems.  Students from various university actively participated through their handmade posters and videos which was much appreciated by the faculty members and guest speakers.




Department of Dermatology, in collaboration with ORIC, TUF organized first 1st International Conference on Dermal Sciences in The University of Faisalabad on November 20, 2021. The conference was on the theme of “Psychosocial Impact of Colorism” which was first ever of its kind in Pakistan. It was a hybrid conference participated by Dermatologists, Psychologists and Researchers from seven different countries including Pakistan, USA, China, India, Nigeria, Indonesia and Malaysia. The experts presented their research work to highlight the Psychosocial Impact of Colorism. They told that, prejudice based on color of skin or preference of people with lighter skin over darker ones is Colorism, which results in several psychological and social issues. This emerging problem is further causing self identity crisis and people with darker tone being a victim of traumatic stress, initiate the use of unethical treatments for the sake of fair skin tone or a better life.




A post Budget Seminar was hosted by of The University of Faisalabad (TUF) in mutual collaboration with Institute of Cost and Management Accountants of Pakistan (ICMA), Pakistan Institute of Public Finance Accountants (PIPFA), The Institute of Chartered Accountant of Pakistan (ICAP) and Faisalabad Tax Bar Association (FTBA) open to general public . The purpose of this Seminar is to create the awareness about economic and social impact of Budget to the students, faculty and practitioners. It is aligned with Sustainable Development Goals of UNO regarding Quality Education and Economic Growth. Mr Atif Munir (President, Faisalabad Chamber of Commerce) was the chief Guest of the event. Mr Tanveer Sajid (FCMA, CFO AQ Textile) welcomed all prestigious guests. Moreover, Nadeem Butt (FCA, FPFA, and Fellow Member Lahore Tax Bar Association) briefed about direct taxation, Mr Naeem u Din (Managing Partner, Naeem & Co) addressed about indirect taxation. While, Shahzad Ahmad Malik (Vice President, ICMA Pakistan generally discuss the Budget 2022. In addition, Syed Iftikhar Arshad (Ex-President FTBA, Sr Vice President PTBA) and Mr Shahid Irshad Qazi (FCMA, CFO Aziz Fatima Trust) answered the questions regarding taxation and other budget implications in panel discussion. Additionally, Dr Imran Shahzad (Head, Business Incubation Centre, TUF) described the role of The University of Faisalabad for strengthening the Industry and Academia linkage with practicality of knowledge. Lastly, Mr Abdul Shakoor (FCMA, Chairman Faisalabad Branch Council) gave the vote of thanks.




The university of Faisalabad hosted calligraphy competition. Punjab university student took part in competition. The purpose of the Calligraphy competition is to preserve and perpetuate this ancient, inherited art, as well as to encourage calligraphers to innovate in calligraphy according to its traditional rules, which ensures the permanence of this art and protects it from some practices that contradict its rules. Moreover, this competition, given the competitiveness resulting from the large number of calligraphers participating in it, is a motivating factor for them to hone their talents.




The Department of Rehabilitation Sciences university of Faisalabad hosted Poster and Model Competition. Various student from universities participated in event. The purpose of this event was to provide extrinsic motivation, creativity, and critical thinking for learning and allow it to translate into intrinsic motivation. Students have shown their talents in a very productive way Dr Shahid Ahmad Heera; PT Head of Department rehabilitation sciences was the main judge of this event. He appraised students talent and encourage them to work hard to be the Best Rehab Team Leaders. Winners were awarded certificates. Other faculty members also appreciated students for their tremendous efforts.




Tree Plantation event was organized by The University of Faisalabad students 'to educate community to plant tree that will be beneficial to reduce harmful gases such as carbon dioxide, carbon monoxide and sulfur dioxide from the air and purify it. Every year university host tree plantation drive along with community residing in surrounding and plant tree outside the campus.




A collaborative effort by the Office of Research, Innovation and Commercialization (ORIC) and Pakistan Scientific and Technological Information Center (PASTIC), resulted in the conduction of a one-day workshop on “Drafting and Filing of Patent Application” at the Engineering Wing, The University of Faisalabad. The trainer Mr Zahoor Ahmad (Director, Directorate of Quality Enhancement, University of Peshawar) elaborated Intellectual Property (IP) rights by explaining Patent writing and filing, and the difference between a patent, industrial design, trademark, copyrights.

Participants from different national-level Higher Education Institutes (FAST National University of Computer and Emerging Sciences, University of Engineering and Technology (UET)-Lahore, National Textile University (NTU) Faisalabad, GC University Faisalabad, The University of Faisalabad (TUF)) actively participated in the related activities of the workshop. Souvenir has been presented to the participants. This interactive workshop ended with question and answer session where participants discussed practical situations at length. Deputy Director (PASTIC) Mr. Hasnain and Director ORIC-TUF also briefed about their work regarding IP rights.



Quality Enhancement Cell, The University of Faisalabad hosted a one day workshop on “Current Trends and Issues of Quality Assurance Practices in Pakistan's Higher Education Institutions (HEIs)” in Health Sciences wing TUF. Mr Aqeel Akhter Khan, Director, Quality Assurance Agency, HEC and Prof Dr Saeed Ahmad Buzdar, Director QEC, Islamia University of Bahawalpur were the guest speakers. Directors of QECs from various universities of Pakistan attended this useful session. Dr Muahmmad Zeeshan Khan, Director QEC TUF described the role of QEC in Higher Education Institutions. Mr Aqeel Akhter Khan and Prof Dr Saeed Ahmad in their presentations focused on the Quality mechanism, new developments, correct implementations, and Higher Education Instructions rules during the session and discussion. Director Quality Assurance HEC, also elaborated Institutional Performance Evaluation (IPE), Program Review Process and key role of faculty in it. Quality Assurance Agency HEC is trying to develop a quality Higher Education System relevant to national needs and compatible to International QA Standards that enables HEIs to demonstrate excellence in teaching, learning and research, he further added.




Mr. Sebastian Kuntze, Head International Linkages-Faculty of Engineering and Information Technology, University of Technology Sydney, Australia visited TUF where he gave an informative and interactive Seminar to students of various univeristy on Topic “ IT and Engineering careers in Australia” followed by interactive question/answer session. Practice-based education, a leading role in supporting the future STEM workforce, industry partnerships in support of models of learning, student exchange programs, research collaboration and future pathways with UTS were also discussed with participants.




University of Faisalabad hosted TechHawk event. Event include Project Competition, Poster Competition, sports, E-gaming, Fun & Social, Art . Student from various universities actively participated in an event. Awards were awarded to winners.